Still Life I

Small Tulips African Violets on Patterned Cloth Victorian Jug with Sweetcorn French Cloth i Lillies Victorian Bowl Beaded Curtain Click images for info and to enlarge
Becky's Bouquet i Chinese Bowl Jug with Tulips, Dark Blue Small Yellow Tulips Anenomies with Fan Sixties Revisited Anenomies with Fan
Still Life with Oranges and Blues i Autumn Colours Lemons I Sunflowers and Mirror
Black Pot & Clock Sunflowers with French Cloth Still Life with Scales Lillies on White Table I Lillies on Garden Table Still Life with Yellow Teapot Sunflower Reflections II Still Life with Lemons
Kimono and Lillies III Blue Bowl and Orchids Tiger Lillies with Blue Bowl Irises with Victorian Jug Still Life with Bird of Paradise Chine Fan Kimono and Blue Fan Gladioli in Black Chinese Vase
Yellow Pepper and Sweet Chillies Pineapple, Melon and Sweet Chillies Lobster & Red Peppers Lobster & Red Peppers Sunflowers Still Life with Sunflower Reflections